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These are the answers to $pin for Riche$ on Game Show Island. The game show located in Miami. The player can reach there by using the Jet Remote Control.

Answers to the Questions

  • Q: According to a Tee Shirt, a man with many emotions. A: Chuck Norris.
  • Q: Nobody can call him a blockhead. A: Phineas
  • Q: The first president. A: George Washington
  • Q: George Washington and Thomas Jefferson  A: Virginians
  • Q: Maybe this song was dedicated to Darth Vader. A: Every Breath You Take.
  • Q: Two great tastes that taste great together. A: Peanut Butter and Jelly.
  • Q: Spaceman Spiff's alter ego. A: Calvin.
  • Q: Their life is sweet. A: Zack and Cody.
  • Q: Advice you'd give to a frog. A: Look before you leap.
  • Q: When you hear it, you should be on your feet. A: The National Anthem.
  • Q: A movie about disco or a weekend to text a friend when you're sick. A: Saturday night fever.
  • Q: He invented the Moonwalk, not Michael Jackson. A: Neil Armstrong.
  • Q: Better come inside if you see these. A: Cumulonimbus Clouds
  • Q: A cat and a U.S. president. A: Garfield
  • Q: The band, not the bugs A: John Paul, George and Ringo

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