Not to be confused with Afro Girl.
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Afro Guy, in the friend list, is named "Poptropican"

Afro Guy is a mysterious glitching Poptropican that appears in Poptropica. He has been reported in a game of Sky Dive, sometimes Legendary Swords, appear on store items, appear on the friends list, and appears on the customizer. Although, Afro Guy is not a real online player, meaning that he is neutral, he may glitch islands to make it harder, or glitch islands to make it easier. He could be related to E233.



Afro Guy appears to be a Poptropican with black or white skin. He wears a white singlet and has a black afro. His mouth smiling wide, lined white teeth (though occasionally varies). (Sometimes he appears without any hair) If you use the costumizing animals glitch on characters that act like poptropicans (Ex. The settlers on Early Poptropica) a variant of Afro guy will appear, except he will have buggy eyes that change rapidly.
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Why the number of Poptropica members has decreased lately


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Find Afro Guy

  • The creators of Poptropica seem to know that he exists, and included him in a sneak peek.
  • If you type in the usernames emblem3 and emblem5, you will get two Afro Guys that look exactly alike. On the friends list they both appear as 'Poptropican' but on the Avatar Studio they both appear as 'Undefined Undefinded'.
  • If you try to friend him, the game will freeze sometimes.