Arthur Eraser, aka The Eraser, is an evil artist who attempts to steal chunks of Poptropica islands by erasing them in Pencil Warrior.


An evil villain, Arthur is selfish and very sure of himself. He feels sure that he will conquer Poptropica easily using his Super Eraser.

His face has a peculiar paper-like color and texture, almost as if he's a sketch. He wears golden goggles with on eye loupe attached. The right pane of the goggles is green, and his second eye isn't visible through it. He has a stitch on his face, & smalled, spaced teeth. He wears a lab coat and red gloves. He also wears red shoes, and black pants.

He carries his Super Eraser, that he uses to steal things from scenes.


He is first spotted in Poptropica on Poptropolis Island, carrying the Super Eraser. He tells the Poptropicans below that he plans to steal all of Poptropica using the eraser, and use the materials stolen to create his own island: Evil Eraser Island.

Using your pencil, you can replace what he erases throughout the book. He travels to different islands, takes what he wants from the scenes, and leaves. You can see him numerous times throughout the book as you draw. (Note: these are just his appearances, for a full list of pages, click here)

Poptropolis Games Island 2013, unspecified scene

Skullduggery Island

  • Pirate Outpost

Mythology Island

  • Tree Base

Poptropolis Games Island 2013

  • Coliseum

24 Carrot Island

  • Carrot Farm
  • Engine Room

Wild West Island

  • Casino
  • Dusty Gulch

Twisted Thicket Island

Steamworks Island

  • The Hub
  • Main Street

Spy Island

Shrink Ray Island

  • Kitchen
  • Mr. Silva's Office

After erasing parts of all these scenes, and you drawing them back, the last page shows Evil Eraser Island - he did construct it, but presumably you then trap him in a cage that's chained to a giant hook on the island. A plane flies overhead, and is attached to the ceiling of the cage, suspending it in the air.