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Augustus Gloop
Augustus Gloop.png
AbilitiesCapable of consuming large quantities of food without getting sick
FriendsMike Teavee
EnemiesYou, Charlie Bucket, Willy Wonka
Hair      Brown
Skin      Light Yellow
ClothingLight blue sailer hat, jeans and light blue shirt with bib stained with chocolate.
Only AppearanceCharlie and the Chocolate Factory Island
Augustus Gloop is one of the trouble-making kids from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Island .

Role in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Island

He appears in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Island. He drank from the Chocolate River but fell in and got sucked into a tube. You must get him out of the tube and rescue him from the chocolate processing machine before he is destroyed.


Augustus is obviously fatter than most Poptropicans. He wears a sailors outfit and his face and some parts of his outfit are covered with chocolate.  His mouth has dimples.


  • He loves chocolate more than anything else in the world.
  • His skin was darker due to being covered in chocolate.

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