The ballista after having shot a rope.

A ballista was a medieval weapon that could accurately launch at a specific target from a great distance.


Developed from earlier Greek weapons, it relied upon different mechanics, using two levers with torsion springs instead of a prod, the springs consisting of several loops of twisted skeins. Early versions ejected heavy darts or spherical stone projectiles of various sizes for siege warfare. It developed into a smaller sniper weapon, the Scorpio,[1] and possibly the polybolos.

Role in Astro-Knights

A ballista is seen on the Castle. It was used by the Royal Guards during the Battle of Arturus.To gain access to Elyana's room,you must attach the rope to the balista missile and shoot it until the missile hits the door to the Princess' room.Then walk along the rope like a bridge to reach the door.


  1. Warry, J. (1995). Warfare in the Classical World. pp 178. Salamander Books Ltd., London: United Kingdom. ISBN 0-8061-2794-5

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