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Balloon Vendor is a balloon salesman you will find at Poptropica Towers. His balloons, when clicked, will change your Poptropican's skin color.



He has tan skin, stubble, and a wide smile. He has alert eyes, and wears a large blue top hat with stars. The hat has a yellow band. Similar to the hat, his shirt is blue with light stars, and black pants.


The Balloon Vendor is cheery and generous, letting you take some of his balloons.


You meet Balloon Vendor at Poptropica Towers. He tells you, when prompted, that you can pick a balloon from his cart. When you click one of the balloons, it will change your skin color - but if you're dissatisfied with your new complexion, you can click the balloon to the far left, which will always have your original skin color.


  • The Balloon Vendor's design holds many similarities to Mayor McTeague.
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