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AliasesThe Ninja Master
AbilitiesKnowledge of various ninja skills, Haiku Poetry
Hair      Grey
Skin      Pale
ClothingGreenish-brown kimono with brown belt.
Only AppearanceRed Dragon Island
Basho is a ninja master "among other things" living in Old Japan on Red Dragon Island.

Role in Red Dragon Island

You first meet Basho when they are looking for the ninja master so that he can learn from him and then save Jack and Annie. Basho pretends that he is not Basho and states that Basho was just at the store, buying eggs. So the Poptropican goes around town, helping others, and Basho secretly follows. When the player gets in trouble after beating The Yokozuna at the Sumo Wrestling Match, Basho comes in and saves the Poptropican from going to jail and tells the player to meet him at his house. The player goes to Basho's house and asks him questions, then Basho tells them that their training has begun.


Basho takes the player to the Training Area, and there he helps instruct the Poptropican about the ninja skills they need. Then Basho tells them to meet at the wall next to his house for their last training mission. When the player goes there, Basho tells him to repair the wall, and when the player does and asks what ninja skills that taught them, Basho tells the player "No ninja skills, I just needed my wall fixed." The player is about to leave when Basho tells them to bring the Shogun to him, because they have some "unfinished business". The Poptropican tells him that they will, and sets off. After the player defeats the Red Dragon, Basho comes over to the player, Jack, Annie, and the Shogun, and reveals that the Shogun is his brother. Then Basho and the Shogun talk, forgive each other, and agree to help each other rebuild the city together. After that, the player teleports away.


  • Basho is based on the character of the same name from the Magic Tree House book, Red Dragon at Red Dawn.
  • Basho may possibly be based on Mr. Miagi from The Karate Kid (1985).
  • If you talk to Basho before being given the objective of finding the ninja master, Basho will say that he is in the middle of writing a haiku hinting that another one of his hobbies or skills is haiku poetry.

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