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Basho is a ninja master and haiku poet, "among other things", living in Old Japan on Red Dragon Island.



Basho has gray hair which is tied up with a brown hair tie, a small mustache and beard, and is wearing a plain brown kimono decorated with small circles and a dark brown cloth underneath.


Role in Red Dragon Island

You first meet Basho when they are looking for the ninja master so that he can learn from him and then save Jack and Annie. Basho pretends that he is not Basho and states that Basho was just at the store, buying eggs. You go around town, helping others, and Basho secretly follows to test your character. When you get in trouble after beating The Yokozuna at the Sumo Wrestling Match, Basho comes in and saves you from going to jail by stating that you are his student and tells you to meet him at his place. You go to Basho's house and talk to him, and he begins to train you as a ninja.

Basho takes you to the Training Area, and there he helps instruct you about the ninja skills you need. Then Basho tells you to meet him at the wall next to his house for the last training mission. When you arrive there, Basho tells you to repair the wall, and after you do and you ask what ninja skills this taught you, Basho tells you "No ninja skills, I just needed my wall fixed." You are about to leave when Basho tells you to bring the Shogun to him, because they have some "unfinished business". You promise to do so, and set off. After the Red Dragon is defeated, Basho comes and meets you, Jack, Annie, and the Shogun, and reveals that the Shogun is his brother. Then Basho and the Shogun talk, forgive each other, and agree to help each other rebuild the city together.


  • Matsuo Basho was a real haiku poet who lived in Japan during the Edo Period. He is considered one of the greatest Japanese poets of all time who wrote haikus.
  • Basho may possibly be based on Mr. Miagi from The Karate Kid (1985).
  • If you talk to Basho before being given the objective of finding the ninja master, Basho will say that he is in the middle of writing a haiku, hinting that another one of his hobbies or skills is haiku poetry.
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