Berry Delicious

The Berry Delicious Smoothie Shops is a smoothie shop franchise in different areas of Poptropica.



An Eastman shop was created and run by Samuel Brains, since it was his hometown.

Twin Palms Mall

The Twin Palms Mall had Berry Delicious shop in the food court which featured orange smoothies.


The Berry Delicious Smoothie Shop serves many different smoothies, with fruits coming all over the world. It was created by Samuel Brains. They say a bunch of quotes that aren't true. There have been 2 locations so far.


At one point, the blueberries used to make blueberry smoothies were effected by Pesticides which turned whoever ate them into strange zombie-like creatures. Once this was reversed, Samuel was attacked by a mob and the Eastman shop was shut down.

Samuel Brains

Samuel Brains is the Creator of The Berry Delicious Smoothie Shop. He started the Zomberry Apocalypse by importing contaminated blueberries from Cleveland. It is unknown where he is now or how this affected him but he may be out of business.


These are all the types of smoothies they sell:

  • Blueberry Barrage
  • Caribbean Madness
  • Vanilla (unknown)
  • Raspberry Rush
  • Pineapple Plunge
  • Peach Paroxysm
  • Mango Mania
  • Chocolate Charge


Here are all the fruits they use and where they are from:

  • Strawberries, California
  • Blueberries, Cleveland
  • Blackberries, Florida
  • Bananas, Costa Rica
  • Raspberries, New Zealand
  • Cranberries, Brazil


"Increase your Immunity!"

"Increase your immunity with a smoothie!"

"Boost your energy with a smoothie!"

"Whiten your teeth!"


  • "Berry Delicious" is a pun on Very Delicious.
  • In the shop, there is a machine where you can press buttons and smoothies will fall out.


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