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Big Zeke is an African safari tour guide who runs Big Zeke's Wild Safari. He speaks English fluently. He started two websites, Big Zeke's Wild and Big Zeke's He used to work at Diamond Mines, but didn't really like the job there. So he quit to become a safari tour guide and photographer. He also didn't enjoy the job due to his fear of the dark.

He calls himself a "professional photographer" even though he is pretty sloppy when it comes to taking and labeling photos correctly. He got the captions wrong when he posted the first few photos on his site, and you must fix that by getting a camera, taking new photos and captioning them right. He will thank you by giving you a hard hat that you will need.



He likes to explore Africa, and he explored the Mountains of the Moon, the Giza, the Nabooti village, the Blue Nile Falls, and the Kaya Forests. He is also really friendly.


Nabooti island
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Nabooti island
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