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Billy Jordan is the lead developer of Poptropica Worldwide Headquarters in Mocktropica Island.


Billy is friendly and is willing to fix bugs in the Poptropica HQ.


Billy wears a suit and tie and his face has an unclean appearance with lines underneath his eyes. He also has short brown hair.


Role in Mocktropica Island

In Mocktropica Island, you need to get Jordan to return to Poptropica Headquarters, as he is the only one who can fix bugs with the Poptropica backpack. He is also needed to run the HQ more smoothly. 

To find Jordan, you need to travel to Mt. Funshine and up to the top of it where the Jardine Juniper Tree is and beat him in a game of mancala. It's just like the one in Nabooti Island, except it has regular pebbles as the stones and ladybugs are mixed with them. After beating him, he returns to Poptropica HQ and fixes the bug along with the Main Street poptropican's speech glitch.

Billy jordan