Booga Bay Fisherman is a fisherman on Shark Tooth Island.


The Booga Bay Fisherman has a relaxed face with a frown. He is probably sad that the Booga Shark is destroying their fishing boats, and with that, can't catch any fish. Although he is a little bit depressed, he happily answers your questions.


He wears an outfit of a fisherman (acrylamide yellow fishing hat, yellow jacket, a white t-shirt, black belt, bronze colored pants, and a fishing pole). He also has a beard.


You can find the Booga Bay Fisherman in Booga Bay on the island with the cannon on Shark Tooth Island. He tells you that the Booga (shark) is angry and is destroying their fishing boats. He also tells you that he tore off a page from Professor Hammerhead's journal and sold it to an archeologist. Once you have put the shark to sleep, he will then thank you and say that the fishing industry is back in business.


  • Booga Bay Fisherman is located on an island that is the closest to the Booga Shark before it's asleep.
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