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Burt Diamond is the villain of Twisted Thicket Island. He destroys the magic orb and attempts to destroy the forest.


He is very entusiastic about his new project.


From the very beginning, Burt seems to have no interests aside from ensuring that the mythical creatures are exterminated so as to simplify the process of deforestation. He requests the player's help, making it out as though the woodlands' inhabitants are the problem rather than the deforestation itself. He and his construction crew seem to show complete disregard for the magical creatures, their well being, and, by extension, the forest itself - shattering the orb with no consideration whatsoever for the potential negative effects of their actions. The only time any sort of remorse is shown is when his construction crew is overthrown by the player, after which he sheepishly apologizes and he and his "Lumberjerks" cowardly run away, defeated.


Role in Twisted Thicket Island

The Developer asks for your help when you first meet him, stating that the forest creatures have prevented him from finishing his construction project. After you get past the creatures and arrive at the Elf Queen's realm. The Developer and his goons, the Lumberjerks, arrive and he reveals that he wants to get rid of the forest to make space for his construction project. The Developer later reveals it's to build the largest casino on Earth. He and the lumberjerks then shatter the magic orb, leaving the forest defenseless and turning all the forest creatures to stone. You must then harness the powers of the forest creatures and use a mystical Amulet to defeat him before he gets to the forest. After doing so, he promises never to harm the forest again and gives up the shards. It is unknown what became of him afterwards but he and his Lumberjerks are not seen at the construction site again.