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Cactus Von Garlic is a vampire hunter on Vampire's Curse Island. He only shows up in the bonus quest, and does not make an appearance in the main quest.




Role in Vampire's Curse Island Bonus Quest

Cactus Von Garlic appears at first trying to kill Christopher. However, after you were turned into a vampire bat, Von Garlic attempts to kill you. In order to complete the Bonus Quest, you need to take the Vampirism antidote. Once you do so, Von Garlic will realize that killing vampires isn't the only way. He calls himself the "vampire savior" and disappears. Your Poptropican then says "What a weirdo".


  • He is shown to star in a movie called "Cactus Von Garlic: Vampire Hunter".
  • In Back Lot Island, he appears in a movie called "Cactus Von Garlic: Vampire Hunter 2: Deadly Breath".
  • He resembles Dr. Abraham Van Helsing, the monster hunter in the novel "Dracula" and is probably based off of him.