Calamari Kid is a student who attends PS 201 on Shrink Ray Island. He creates a project for the science fair demonstrating a "Sixth Sense of Calamari”.



He has spiky hair, alert eyes, and black glasses. Mouth and down, he has a cheesy grin, black and white striped shirt, and blue pants.


Feeling sure about himself, Calamari Kid is hopeful that C.J. won't show up so he can get the prize.


Calamari Kid appears at the science fair on Shrink Ray Island. He creates a booth titled ‘The Sixth Sense in Calamari’. This booth has a live squid inside a tank setting on the booth table. The squid is holding cards in his tentacles. When clicked, the squid will appear to use mind reading to guess a card.

When prompted, Calamari Kid will tell you that he hopes C.J. won’t show up so he can win this year's fair and get the prize.