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Captain Crawfish is the main antagonist of Skullduggery Island.

Captain Crawfish
Hair      Grey
Skin      Yellow
First AppearanceSkullduggery Island
Last AppearanceSuper Villain Island
RoleMain Antagonist (Skullduggery Island)


His appearance is a mahogany pirate hat with a white feather. He wears a black eyepatch with a golden skull on it. He also wears a green bandana. He has a grey beard and hair. He wears golden hoop earrings and a golden tooth. He has a small beard with a green band tying it. He has a red coat with a belt and a golden peg leg. He is also a Poptropica Creator.

Role in Skullduggery Island

He ransacked Fort Ridley, causing him to become infamous among others. He has a battleship known as the Sea Chicken and a full crew. He is the one keeping you from Skullduggery Island. You are not allowed to retrieve the treasure until he is gone. Even so, after you find the treasure, Captain Crawfish and his crew attempt to stop you. However, your crew will sink his ship and desert him there. Eventually he gets found and taken to Erewhon Prison For Super Villains.

Role in Super Villain Island

Captain Crawfish, along with the Black WidowDr. Hare, and the Binary Bard, are being held in Erewhon Prison, where they are held in special containment unit to the Dream Machine, keeping them in a suspended animation until someone frees them. When the Player discovers the island, one of their jobs is to enter Captain Crawfish's dream and retrieve his Villain Totem.
Captain Crawfish

Captain Crawfish in Erewhon Prison in deep sleep


Fan Art

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  • Captain Crawfish is also a Creator of Poptropica. His username is captaincrawfishcreator.
  • If you click on Captain Crawfish while he is in suspended animation in Super Villain Island, your Poptropican will say "Captain Crawfish can't do much blogging in there." in reference to his position as a Poptropica Creator.
  • Goof: When you defeat Captain Crawfish, you can see Captain Crawfish with a brown beard.
  • Captain Crawfish has a Sleeping Ghost pirate crew in Super Villain Island that looks similar to him.
  • Captain Crawfish is ranked 4 behind Black Widow during the 2011 Villainy Contest.
  • Unlike the other villains, he doesn't speak once in Super Villain Island.
  • He is one of two villains that still work on the Creators' Blog, the other one being Black Widow.
  • He is one of the few male characters to wear earrings with the others being Speeding Spike and Crusher.

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