Character Types are determined by how a character acts in Poptropica. They may be a friend, who is supportive and helpful toward a good cause, an antagonist, who is opposed toward the good cause, or an indifferent character, who has no apparent opinion. More refined tags include Villains and Heroes.


Friends are characters who generally are supportive and helpful toward a good cause. They are friends of yours and have little bad intention, usually none at all. To tell if a character is a friend, they must meet one of these requirements.

  • If you help them with something and the help is taken nicely.
  • If a transaction occurs nicely, where you do something for them and them likewise.
  • They refer to you with a friendly adjective.

This list is subject to discussion.


Like villains, heroes are a more specific type of friends. Heroes, however, instead of causing chaos to Poptropica, will instead try to fix, mend or save it. Your avatar is usually a hero, and helps fix the major problem in the island, or a character.


Enemies are characters who generally are opposed to a good cause, and/or try to sabotage or prolong it in any way. This term is loose, so it can be applied to anyone who is generally rude or uses you to get what they want. To tell if a character is an antagonist, they must meet one of these requirements.

  • Rude or unhelpful behavior.
  • If they try to sabotage a good plan.
  • If they plan to take something that isn't theirs.
  • If they use you to get what they want.

This list is subject to discussion.


Villains are a more specific version of Enemies - usually, a villain is in charge of enemies, and is the one behind the lever. In most cases, they'll have an evil plan to do something catastrophic to the Poptropica universe.


On Reality TV island, when you compete or in Poptropolis games. They are not always your enemies or villains, but they definitely don't help you and are competing against you.

Indifferent Characters

Indifferent Characters may not even be crucial to the plot, as they are characters with no outward opinion. You may talk to them, but you cannot engage in a transaction, or get anything from them. To tell if a character is indifferent, look over the above requirements for Friends and Antagonists. If they do not meet any of those requirements, then they are indifferent.

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