Christopher Barney is a Poptropica Creator who develops primarily Poptropica: Realms.


Formerly developing indie games, Christopher Barney started working at Poptropica in 2010. Taking the alias of Triton , he popped into common rooms every now and then. People had originally presumed that the creator behind the account was Rick Riordan, but in a recent conversation with Chris, it was disclosed that he was Triton all along.

When Mocktropica was released, a character in the island was modeled after him in real life. He dropped the Triton persona and used the character as an alias from there on out.

Job at Poptropica

Chris works as a back end coder and co-designer for Poptropica: Realms, developing features for the sandbox game.


Originally, Chris took the alias of Triton, Poseidon's son, who appears on Mythology Island. The community presumed that the strange account was owned by Rick Riordan, the author of the Percy Jackson book series.

When Mocktropica Island was being developed, some artists modeled a character after Chris. He dropped the Triton alias and is using the character currently.

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