Cost-Cutter (also referred to as Slash) is one of the main antagonists of Mocktropica Island. She is one of the owners of Megafightingbots.



Slash has orange hair along with pale skin. She wears blue glasses, with a white top and a blue jacket. Her hair is in the form of a ponytail with a blue hair tie. She also has a pair of blue scissors.


Slash is one of the four new employees of Poptropica HQ who is trying to cause problems in the game. Her cost-cutting makes the workers unable to finish islands on time, and make their job harder. When you first talk to her, she says that she doesn't have any friends, which could mean that she is unfriendly. She is careless about the internet too.


  • Her Mega Fighting Bot forms the legs of the final boss. Her Mhega Fighting Bot is blue.