Time to explore the caverns Crisis Caverns Island was the first island to be released on Poptropica Worlds. It was released on May 23, 2017.


The island starts out in some sort of state park. Talk to the park ranger and she will give you the button of the park. You can walk into a museum where you will see Ranger Rick. He will state that the antlers on his elk statue have gone missing, and he asks you to find them. Further reading through the museum, it will tell you facts about certain North American animals, and tell you about a supervolcano that erupts every 300,000 years, and a geyser called Old Reliable that erupts every 90 minutes. However, when you see the geyser, even when the timer until the next eruption goes off, the geyser will not erupt, stating the supervolcano will be erupting soon. Find a tour guide for a cave, and he will allow you in, telling you that two people are trapped behind a metal block. (please continue this from here)



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