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AbilitiesExtreme strength
FriendsSir Rebral, Copy Cat, Speeding Spike, Ratman, Betty Jetty
Hair      Unknown
Skin      Brown
ClothingPrisoner jumpsuit with hoop earrings
First AppearanceSuper Power Island
Last AppearanceSuper Villain Island
 Crusher is one of the six main antagonists of Super Power Island. He is located in the junkyard.


Before the mutation, Crusher stole a monster truck and smashed every car in a parking lot. He went to the County Prison for it. When the meteor struck, he escaped and went to the dump. The police couldn't stop him, so a hero did.

Role On Super Power Island and Defeat

There are two parts in defeating him. In the first,he will regularly stamp the ground,causing the ground to shake. You have to climb up to the crane, pull the lever and drop the refridgerator on Crusher. Once you do that, he'll pick it up and throw it at you.You will then fall. From thereon, Crusher will start tossing oil barrels at you. Avoiding them, climb back up to the crane and turn the magnet back on.This will cause the magnet to attract the platform Crusher is standing on and squish him in between.After that, he was returned to the prison.

Cameo in Game Show Island

Crusher appears as an outline in a video in Game Show Island. As told on the screen of robots talking in Game Show Island.

Role In Super Villain Island

Crusher, along with the other Super Power Island criminals and other villains from the past, are in Erewhon. If you click on him, he says: "Row, row, row your boat.".



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