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E.Vile is the leader of a robot army planning on controlling Poptropica.



Role In Legendary Swords

E.Vile appears on the mini-island Legendary Swords. He is the leader of a massive army of robots planning on taking over Poptropica. After you defeat his robots, he will appear on a holographic screen and he will begin to mock you. Though you can defeat his robots, he will not fight you at the end. He will instead mock you via hologram and leave.  



  • His name, E.Vile, is a pun on the words "evil" and “ville”.
  • Very little is known about him as he only appears briefly in Legendary Swords and gave no indication of his character whatsoever.
  • In his hologram, the "E" on his helmet is backwards. This could be because the hologram is a mirror image.
  • In a blog post, Captain Crawfish called him Dr. E.Vile.
  • A picture of his face can be viewed on a small poster for the supposed next chapter of Legendary Swords ("Battle Arena") on Mocktropica while digging through the trash in the basement.