Edgar is a carnie apprentice from Monster Carnival Island. He plays a major role in the island.


You first encounter Edgar on Main Street. He tells you that the carnival is not ready and asks for your help. You must help all the carnies get the carnival ready before it opens. Afterwards, the carnies will head off into the woods and, hypnotized by a mysterious hooded figure, inexplicably transform into monsters. Edgar will ask you for help and brings you to Ringmaster Raven, who informs you on how to get the cure. You must retrieve a slip of paper from the pocket of the man at the ferris wheel and then get a black lightbulb from the Haunted Lab and use it in your flashlight. Using this at the rubber duck booth will reveal that the ducks are painted in different colours. Pick them up in the order Green, Orange, Red, Yellow. This will reveal a secret formula for a cure. After you finish the cure, Edgar will bring you back to the ringmaster's tent where it is revealed that he is under the ringmaster's mind control. He straps you to a chair and prepares to transform you into a monster. You must wake him up with the Fried Dough you got earlier. He will then free you and you proceed to chase down Ringmaster Raven and defeat him. After this, he thanks you and leaves town with the other carnies, but before he does so, he hands you the medallion. 




  • Edgar may have been named after Edgar Allen Poe, who is most famous for his poem The Raven. This is supported by the fact that the main antagonist of the Monster Carnival uses the raven's image as an emblem of sorts, even adapting 'Ringmaster Raven' as his stage name.
  • Edgar is the only carnie who is never seen in monster form.