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Edmund Hillary, along with Tenzing Norgay, were the first people to reach the summit of Mt. Everest. In Poptropica, you meet Edmund on Mount Everest in Time Tangled Island. The time machine malfunction has made him lose his climbing goggles, therefore not allowing him to climb. You must find the goggles and return them to him in order for him to reach the summit.

Edmund's character design in the game was also used by a creator named Thirsty Whale. Read more about the real historic figure on his Wikipedia article.



Edmund, as most of the historic characters in Time Tangled are, is distressed and frantic. His skin is yellowish and his hair is not revealed because of his climbing gear - the real life Edmund has brownish hair. His wide eyed Poptropican has a worried mouth - and, his Poptropican wears no apparent shoes, even though he's climbing in a snowy blizzard! He's wearing a blue ski jacket along with rope in the back.



On Time Tangled Island, after you travel to 1953 via time machine, you will find Edmund and Tenzing, his sherpa, halfway up Mount Everest. Tenzing will inform you that Edmund has lost his climbing goggles, which Edmund will also tell you. If you talk to Edmund, he will also tell you who he is and what he and Tenzing are trying to accomplish - reach the summit of Mount Everest.

After finding the goggles, you travel back to Edmund and return them to him. He equips them and they both start climbing the rest of the way. Follow them, and you'll find them at the top. Edmund thanks you ecstatically.


Edmund Hillary has not only appeared in Time Tangled Island, but his character design was used by the Poptropica creator and blogger Thirsty Whale. Thirsty Whale disappeared years ago, but you can still find some of his old posts on the Creator's Blog.

Read more about Thirsty's appearances on his page.



  • Edmund's character design and looks was used by Thirsty Whale, a former Poptropica Creator and blogger who disappeared many years ago.
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