El Mustachio Grande, more commonly known simply as just "El Mustachio", is the villain of the Wild West Island.



El Mustachio Grande looks like a classic wild west villain. He carries around a gun and wears ammunition around his torso. He has red hair along with a red mustache. He wears a sombrero with red and yellow zig-zags. He has a gold tooth and stubble.


Role in Wild West Island

El Mustachio serves as the villain for this Island, he first appears in the Train Robbery game. In the Final Shootdown, after defeating the others he runs out exclaiming, "You'll never catch me, Marshal". You must hunt him down on your horse until he gets trapped behind the wall of a canyon and you lasso him. He later appears in the Diamond Plains Prison.

Role in Super Villain Island

After an unknown event, El Mustachio Grande was transferred to Erewhon Prison For Super Villains. While in the elevator to Dr. Jupiter's Lab, you can see El Mustachio along with Copy Cat, Mr. Silva, Sir Rebral, The Crusher, Ratman, Betty Jetty, and Gretchen Grimlock. If you click on him he says, "When I get my hands on that warden...". He is currently still held in Erewhon Prison.

In the Poptropica 2011 Villiany Contest

During the Poptropica Villain Showdown, he and Captain Crawfish were tied for third place. In round three, he was just beat by the Binary Bard.



  • His name is Spanish for "The Large Mustachio".
  • The name "Mustachio" is named after his red mustache. 
  • He is the only main villain with a gun.
  • He is a Spanish rival cowboy.
  • He is the only villian with a Spanish name.
  • It is believed that he would be the fifth returning villain for Super Villain Island, as there were five dream machine chambers shown in the Daily Pop sneak peeks.
  • His horse is red with a yellow mane and tail.
  • He probably doesn't like the taste or hasn't had sushi, as shown on a Profile Quiz Question