The Excalibur is an alien spacecraft that you use as transportation to Pewter Moon.

Role In Astro-Knights Island

At some point prior to your arrival, the Excalibur crashed on Astro-Knights Island. It is of alien origin and runs on Green Fuel. In order to power it up, you must use the Fuel Rod from the alien under the Castle of Arturus.



  • Excalibur is based off of the classic "flying saucer" UFO.
  • You only get to go to Pewter Moon in it. Then, it runs out of fuel, crashes, and you can no longer use it.
  • Since the spacecraft had a fuel rod partly full and was able to bring you to Pewter Moon, it is theorized that it can bring you to all the planets if the fuel rod was completely full.
  • It is named after King Arthur's magical sword Excalibur.
  • This is one of Poptropica's few flying vehicles.
  • There are two more spacecrafts just like it, but they were shot down and didn't have names on them.

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