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Ghost on Avenue A
Notable individualsFiona, Pan, Forest Spirits
AppearancesNabooti Island, Mythology Island, Ghost Story Island

A ghost is the soul or spirit of a dead person or animal that has decided to stay on earth, and can be seen by living people or creatures. Ghosts appear many times in Poptropica.

Role on Nabooti Island

After you dig up the elephant, two forest spirits will appear. They will enlist your help in finding your sacred fingo.

Role on Mythology Island

Pan is the ghost of a satyr who died in the Minotaur's Labyrinth. He advises you on how to solve the bone puzzle.

Role on Ghost Story Island

Fiona, Valiant, the Warden, The Prisoner, and the Lighthouse Keeper from Ghost Story Island are all ghosts. 

Role in Sneak Peek Games, Mini-Islands and Poptropica Store

Role In Spook Central

In the Ghost Story Island Sneak Peek game Spook Central, the Ghost Hunter enlists your help to capture various ghosts all over Poptropica. However, when you've captured all of them, the Ghost Hunter will reveal her true plan - to assemble an army of the undead and rule Poptropica.You must then capture all the ghosts again.

Role In Haunted House

A ghost cat lives in the Haunted House, along with a sheet ghost.


There is a sheet ghost follower that is part of the Followers Spook Pack


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