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Some Poptropica users know some secrets where they can alter or access altered code in Poptropica, allowing them to have a variety of things including:

  • Free costumes
  • Member only items
  • Expired promo codes
  • Non-costumizable things
  • Girl clothes
  • Eyelashes
  • Advertisement items
  • The ability to copy eyes
  • Changing their Poptropican's name
  • Having no mouth at all
  • Handhelds
  • Glitched clothing
  • Expired Clothing

The Poptropica Creators did not know about this, but how people code is using a hacked game file engine, there are many that people can install and download, they use the text and change the action on what will happen on the Poptropican or game character. Then they use the coding text to changed into a different kinds off codes, each code can change the action of a Poptropican, making the users difficult to use the right codings. But when they use all codes together, they have all the abilities and forbidden things in Poptropica.

Poptropica "Dummies"

There are some strange users in Poptropica, who have the ability to make their selves look like Poptropicans in the member only closet, example:

Example of a Poptropica Dummy.

Poptropica Dummies will look like some of the pole costumes on Super Power Island and in your closet, when like this, they have the ability to copy anything in Poptropica, girls, beards, items, rare items, member only items on another Poptropican, and much others. A Poptropica coding expert (unknown name) was able to build a program on a secret website, called "" any Poptropican/person that wanted a dummy, they needed to use their Poptropican information, when it is sent, the expert would be able to get onto the account and change the Poptropicans appearance, some Poptropica blogs sometimes give out free dummies to many bloggers on there, such as the picture beside. Although, the website was banned by the Poptropica Creators and they found out everything that even started the dummies. Since then, the dummytron website was no longer usable.

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