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Eight-legged spider

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Eight-legged spider
Green giant(spider).png
AliasesGiant Spider
SpeciesGiant Spider
AbilitiesCrawling quickly, stealing
FriendsSpiders, Spider Girl
Hair      None
Skin      Green
Only AppearanceEarly Poptropica Island
Eight-legged spider is an enormous spider that resides in the Early Poptropica Island sewers along with other small purple spiders that try to make your life miserable.


The eight-legged spider is a large, sickly green spider with eight long legs, four eyes and two large fangs.

Role In Early Poptropica Island

In Early Poptropica Island, the eight-legged spider steals the Pig from the Early Poptropicans. You must retrieve the Pig from the spider and return it to the Early Poptropicans, along with the Signal Flag and Water Bucket.


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  • The eight-legged spider can be mentioned in Common Rooms while chatting with other players.
  • It seems to possess a certain degree of intelligence seeing as how it was able to steal the Prized Porker from the Early Poptropicans .
  • In the sewer it resides, there are many smaller spiders and also barrels of toxic waste, hinting it may have been a normal spider mutated by the radioactive waste.

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