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Harbor Prison is Poptropica's largest prison followed by Erewhon Prison. It is seen in Ghost Story Island. The word REPENT is carved over the doorway. It is no longer in use.

Role In Ghost Story Island

You find the ghost of Warden Jeffrey here. To track him down through the humungous building, you must turn on the EMF detector. It should lead you to section H. There you will find the Warden's office. Place the Hot Cross Bun's from the bakery on the table and Warden Jeffrey will appear before you. He reveals that he became a ghost because his soul was unable to rest after Prisoner #24601 escaped on his watch. He gives you a mug shot of the Prisoner revealing his old jail cell- Section D Cell 8. Get to the cell and push aside the wrecked bed. The bars will shut you in because the warden's ghost refused to let you escape in hopes that it will put his soul to rest. Push the bed aside to reveal a tunnel. Running into the tunnel, you will obtain a pickaxe, a note to Prisoner #24601 and a can of sardines. You will find that the tunnel leads to a dead end under the Hemlock Harbor Bank, where you find the dead body of the prisoner, as well as his ghost. The prisoner reveals his story and you head back to the cell. Now use the pickaxe to escape the jail.


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