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Helicopters are a common mode of transport that are found frequently throughout Poptropica.

Role on Time Tangled Island:

In Leonardo da Vinci's lab, you can see his helicopter prototype on the wall.

Role on Astro-Knights Island:

The Tigercopter is a boss you must destroy on the Ice Planet in order to find and rescue Elyana. The Tigercopter battled Sir Gawain when Gawain arrived on the planet.

Role on Reality TV Island:

After you mail the contest application, a Reality TV helicopter will arrive and take you to the secret location in which Reality TV Island is filmed. You may use the helicopter as a mode of transportation to and from the secret location at any time after you have filled out the application.

Role on Cryptids Island:

On Cryptids Island, you use the Mews Foundation Helicopter to travel to different regions of the world during your search for cryptids. WIthin the helicopter, you will be able to travel to the Himalayas, Loch Ness, Puerto Rico, New Jersey, and the Pacific Northwest. Also, you will need to battle Gretchen Grimlock's helicopter towards the end of the island.

Role on Game Show Island:

In Moscow, you must figure out the correct code so that a helicopter can land on the building roof. In addition, you can spot a helipcopter in the distance in Miami.

Role on Super Villain Island:

At the beginning of Super Villain Island, after you volunteer to be sent to Dr Jupiter's lab, a helicopter will come and take you to Erewhon Prison. The Helicopter is called the R-SUEZ 104X. This helicopter is also the mode of transportation in which you use to travel back to the mainland.

Role on Night Watch Island:

Role on Survival Island:

In the end of Episode 3, a helicopter called Vanburen Force-01 rescues you.

Zomberry: Day Zero:

A helicopter appears in this comic to scare the Zomberries away from Joe Puddy with a spotlight, and warns the citizens of Eastman about the Zomberry epidemic.

Yellowjacket Common Room:

A yellowjacket-themed helicopter appears in the common room along with a multitude of yellowjacket-themed vehicles.


  • The propellers of different helicopters behave differently than the others:
  • The word "Suez", which spells "Zeus" read backwards, is written on the tail of the Super Villain Island helicopter. This is meant to foreshadow the fact that Zeus is the main villain of Super Villain Island.
  • The helicopter on Cryptids Island is very high-tech, due to the fact that you can fly from Puerto Rico to the Himalayas using it.
  • The Tigercopter is the only helicopter that is hostile to the player.
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