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A Hot Dog is a sausage-like food that usually is served to people inside of a bun. The Hot Dog Vendor made a living out of serving hot dogs. He gives you a hot dog which you later give to Ned Noodlehead to trade for the Medallion.

In Poptropica Adventures for Nintendo DS

It serves the same purpose as in Super Power Island.

In Super Power Island

After getting a Super Hero ID, one of the police officers will grant you access to the Subway but first will ask for a hot dog. He gives you a coin to buy one from the hot dog vendor. The hot dog vendor will give you one, but doesn't have any buns, so he gives you one without a bun. Instead, you use a pretzel as a bun. The policeman enjoys having a pretzel for a bun, stating that it would be the "Best Hot Dog Ever."

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