The Hovercraft is a machine found in Astro-Knights Island.

The hovercraft hovering above the mud

Role In Astro-Knights Island

The hovercraft is a hovering, surfboard-like machine that was invented by Mordred. It is found in the windmill and is powered by manure. You need it to float above the mud to get to Excalibur, a space ship.

Role In Mystery Train Island

The hovercraft makes a cameo in one of the John Bull's cargo, along with many other references to other islands.

Role In Super Villain Island

A purple hovercraft is seen briefly in the Binary Bard's dream. Another green-brown one is also seen built into the crystal door.



  • According to the blueprints for the hovercraft, it was called EXP: LND-SHP X290, which may stand for Experiment: Land-Ship X290.

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