A humanoid is something that has an appearance resembling a human being. Humanoids don't always have to look very similar to humans, but if they are bipedal and/or stand in an upright posture, they normally pass as humanoid beings, like the humanoid Plant Monsters from Steamworks Island.

Despite this, some humanoid creatures have very human-like features, like the Purple Giant located on Early Poptropica Island, which, judging by it's human-like lower features, probably has similar human features on its upper body. 

Some humanoids are also humans (or Poptropicans) transformed into creatures, usually by magical or scientific means. This includes Zomberries and Vampires.

List Of Humanoid Creatures In Poptropica:


Animals Bat | Bigfoot | Cerberus | Chupacabra | Cobra | Dragon | Elmer | Exploding Crab | Giant Squid | Great Beast | Great Booga Shark | Hydra | Jellyfish | Jersey Devil | Kappa | Little Eddie | Pegasus | Prized Porker | Red Baron | Scorpion | Sea Monsters | Snoopy | Sphinx | Styx Crocodile | Whiskers | White Whale | Wild Boar | Wolves | Yeti
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Robots Dragotank | Helicopters | Mechanical Mouse | Merlin | Metal Piranha | Minotaur | Mother Phoenix | Space Sharks | Tigercopter

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