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Ishmael is the first Poptropican that needs to be rescued in S.O.S Island. He loves whales very much.



Ishmael has freckles, white skin and brown hair. He also has a hat that says: I love whales. He also has a life jacket and blue shirt and pants. Ismael is surprisingly calm after being saved despite the boat still sinking with passengers in there.


Role In S.O.S Island

His leg is stuck and it is very easy to rescue him. He gives you his Whale Song Gadget after being rescued. Then he tells you to go back to the ship and rescue the other passengers.


  • He is named after the main character in the book Moby Dick.(Call me ishmael)
  • He has a hat on that says "I ♥ 🐋".
  • He is seen on a few of the pop quizzes.
  • His sister is also seen in the island, who thanks you for saving him.

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