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Jersey Devil
TypeFlying Bipedal With Hooves
AliasesLeeds Devil, The Devil's Pet
Notable individualsThe Jersey Devil
AppearancesGoat-like head, Bat-like wings, Horns, Cloven hooves, Clubbed tail

The Jersey Devil (sometimes called the Leeds Devil) is an apparently bipedal cryptid, although it's posture makes it appear to be more "human-ish" than being a humanoid.


Harold Mews' database for cryptozoology referred this creature to an old legend in American folklore, which stated that the Jersey Devil was born as the 13th child of a witch named Mother Leeds, but quickly changed form into a devilish creature, grew wings, and flew away.


The Jersey Devil appears as a bipedal creature with a zombie-like horse head, a hooked tail with a ball on it that looks as if it could kill a Poptropican with a simple swing. Despite its gruesome appearance, it does not hurt or even get close to your Poptropican.

Description at the Cryptids Museum

Let us travel back in time 300 years to the Pine Barrens of New Jersey. On a dark, moonless night Mother Leeds gave birth to her thirteenth child. A hideous creature emerged with feathery wings, a long tail, horns and a head like a horse. It let out a terrible cry and flew up the chimney.

Since then, many sightings of the creature have been recorded. The first noble report came from naval Commodore Stephen Decatur in the 1800s. He saw the beast flying across the sky. He shot a cannonball at it, but the Jersey Devil kept flying. In 1909, there was a rash of silence. In one town, the beast flew around a trolley full of people. One witness found footprints on a roof. Another woman heard a noise in her yard and went outside to see the Jersey Devil holding her pet dog. She hit the creature with a broom, it dropped her dog and flew away.

Skeptics think the Jersey Devil is a large bird, such as the Great Horned Owl. In recent years, there haven't been as many sightings. But people still report hearing its unearthly cry in the woods late at night.

—Cryptids Museum Jersey Devil Video

Discovery on Cryptids Island

Written Walkthrough

To prove the Jersey Devil's existance, you first need items from other islands. You can find the Matches inside of the pub in Loch Ness. After that fly your helicopter to the Himalayas. Once you are there, enter the monastery. Have a full conversation with the monk, and he will give you the Lantern. Finally, head over to Puerto Rico. Drive the jeep to the farm in the top-left corner of your map. Once you are there, jump on the tree until you find a tool box. Click on it and you will recieve the bolt cutters.

Now, you must head back to New Jersey. Once you are there, walk to your right until you see a dumpster. Use your bold cutters to open the dumpster up. At the very bottom of the dumpster, you will find a Bathroom Stall Door. Pick it up.

After you collect the door, enter the bathroom. Immediatley "use" the stall door. You will notice that both stall doors have messages written on them, that look awfully like directions (*cough *cough THEY ARE DIRECTIONS *cough *cough). Before you leave the bathroom, "use" the matches to light up the lantern.

Using the motorcycle located to the right of the bathroom, alternate your directions starting with right. So right, left, right, left, right, left until you come to a cul-de-sac with a lake next to it. Stop the motorcycle and start looking around. Enter the gate and move to the house.

Once inside the house, climb the stairs until you hear a noise. You will exclaim that there's something in the attic. Push the dresser as far left as possible. Once you do so, use it to enter the attic. When you are inside, you'll hear the thump again. Move to the right until you find a shaking barrel False alarm!. It's just a raccoon!

Before you leave the attic, grap the Grappling Hook. Once you do so, leave the attic. Make your way downstairs. Once you are at the bottom, you will spot the Jersey Devil. Yikes! Now, leave the house.

Once you do so, you will see the Jersey Devil fly away. However, you will also notice that it has laid eggs in a tree. Using the grappling hook, climb the tree, and collect the Broken Egg Shells. This is the evidence you need! Once you collect it, bring it back to the lab for DNA analysis.

Video Walkthrough

On Poptropica Cryptids Island, How to Get the Jersey Devil Poptropica Game Tips05:42

On Poptropica Cryptids Island, How to Get the Jersey Devil Poptropica Game Tips


Cameo on Mythology Island

In Hades's temple on Mythology Island, there are several statues of a Jersey Devil-like demons, complete with hooves, horns, leathery wings and a spiked tail.

Cameo on Zomberry Island

On Zomberry Island you can spot a stuffed animal resembling a Jersey Devil inside of Abe's room.



  • The Jersey Devil apparently lays eggs in a nest in a tree like a bird, even though it is presumed to be a mammal.
  • Since it lays eggs, the Jersey Devil is most likely a female.
  • The sudden appearance of this creature is considered by some to be one of the scariest jumpscares in all of Poptropica.

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