Jess Brallier is the current CEO of the Family Education Network. He is the creator of the site FunBrain. He has gone by the alias Fact Monster (after his website) in the past, but seems to be going by the alias of Zeus currently. He also runs the official Poptropica Twitter.


Early career

Growing up in Ligonier, Pennsylvania, Brallier graduated from the University of Pittsburgh as well as Boston University. He and his wife have two kids and reside in New York City. Brallier works in Boston and New York.

Jess started out as a business man in the book industry, holding market posistions for book publishers. Brallier founded his own publishing imprint, Planet Dexter, in 1992.

Poptropica & Diary of a Wimpy Kid

Years later, he used the website to publish Jeff Kinney's Diary of a Wimpy Kid book. 3 years after that, Jess helped Jeff create Poptropica, with the help of a small team of developers.

He also published the book series Galactic Hot Dogs on, similar to Wimpy Kid.

He runs the official Poptropica twitter, and has become a prominent figure in the Poptropica community because of this.

Job on Poptropica

Jess Brallier is the Senior Vice President and publisher of the Sandbox Network's Family Education Network.

He takes care of the official Poptropica twitter, and takes care of questions, sneak peaks, updates, and direct messages there.


Jess' original alias was thought to be Fact Monster, as he owns the site of the same name. An account with the name Fact Monster is a possible clone of an original account, dummy1063.

With his activity on the Twitter, it seems that he has taken on a Zeus alias. The choice may be because in Greek mythology, Zeus is the king of the gods.


On Shrink Ray Island, you can see Jess's book Tess's Tree on a bookshelf inside CJ's room. Jess appears and speaks regularly on the official Poptropica Twitter.


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