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Kirk Strayer is the most popular movie star in the world of Poptropica. He makes his first major appearance in Back Lot Island. On the main streets of islands for a limited amount of time, Poptropicans could meet him at a special photo booth and receive a special photo of them standing next to Kirk Strayer in their Photo Album.



Kirk Strayer is the classic Hollywood diva, with a short temper and extreme laziness. He expects just about everything to be done for him, and doesn't like it when his living conditions are not perfect. Kirk isn't the friendliest Poptropican.


Role In Back Lot Island

Kirk Strayer was supposed to star in a movie, but he refused to work when you interrupted him on stage. He then walked out on the project and refused to work until he got his coffee. Even after you got him his coffee, he only performed one scene before walking out on the project yet again. Strayer is never seen again after that.

Role in PoptropiCon Island

When you're trying to get into the bathroom and you have to remind a Poptropican who played Thor (Bucky Lucas if you're wondering), he will say, "That's it! I was thinking of Kirk Strayer for some reason."


  • Despite showing many outcomes on the Creators Blog, the only outcome of taking the photo was your Poptropican looking excited and Kirk looking rather bored, and taking a glance at his phone.