This is the List of Skullduggery Ships, which is just info about all the ships you can get in Skullduggery. All the ships can be bought at Dragon Cove.

The Raft

The Raft is the standard ship some stranger got, sharing it with the cabin boy and the cook. It was some merchant's ship till he found his way back to land, as a token of gratitude he gave the Raft to the stranger.

The Raft is completely free, has 20 max. cargo space, can go 6 knots, has no cannons and has 30 life.

It's in pretty terrible condition:

  • Ripped sails
  • Approx. 7 men tall
  • Termites
  • Boxes, Bags & Barrels to store food
  • A tent to sleep in
  • Hay for a bed
  • Ripped Undies for a flag
  • A useless message in a bottle

Jimmy Rigger

It costs 3000 doubloons, has 60 max. cargo space, has 1 cannon, can go 7 knots, and has 50 life. 

It's in poor condition:

  • Slightly ripped sails
  • Broken flagpole
  • (Blocked up) Holes in the sleeping quarters
  • Barrels & Bags of food
  • An unseen bed
  • Slightly Larger, more functional & more agile than the Raft


It costs 9000 doubloons, has 200 max cargo space, has 1 cannon, can go 8 knots, and has 70 life. 

It's in fair condition:

  • A crow's nest
  • Hygenic food conservation, sleeping quarters & bed material
  • Adequate steering
  • Can destroy sea monsters (wasting half of the life)
  • Seven knots

Sea Sultan

It costs 30,000 doubloons, has 600 max cargo space, has 2 cannons, can go 9 knots, and has 90 life.

It's in good condition:

  • 2 flags
  • Windows
  • Much bigger than the last ships
  • Red decor with a Golden Harbour theme

The Koi

The Koi is named after a Japanese fish and costs 90,000 doubloons, has 1,800 max cargo space, has 3 cannons, can go 12 knots, and has 100 life.

It's in great condition:

  • Dragon Cove theme
  • Twice the height of the Sea Sultan
  • This type of ship is called a 'Junk ship'.


It costs 300,000 doubloons, has 5,000 maximum cargo space, has 4 cannons, can go 12 knots, and has 40 life.
  • It's probably made of steel
  • Runs on steam
  • Much more modern design

Phoenix Warbird

Main article: Phoenix Warbird.

The Phoebix Warbird is the most powerful ship you can buy, and the one that is used to defeat Captain Crawfish in the end. It costs 1000 000 doubloons, goes 13 knots (15 with Navigator), and has five cannons.

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