This article refers to the minor antagonists of Twisted Thicket Island. For the costume, see Lumberjerk (costume).
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The Lumber Jerks are construction workers who want to destroy a nearby forest and make the biggest casino in Poptropica history. They work for Burt Diamond.




Role In Twisted Thicket Island

When you first see them, they are working at a construction site. After you reach the Elf Queen's realm, they and Burt Diamond will arrive and break the magic orb. They will steal the shards and attempt to destroy the forest. After you defeat them, Burt Diamond will give you back the shards and they promise never to harm the forest again. It is unknown what became of them after the events of Twisted Thicket Island.


  • The name "Lumberjerk" is a play on the words "Lumberjack" and "Jerk".