Magistrate Henry Flatbottom, also known as "The Magistrate", is the main antagonist of Ghost Story Island.



He's very mysterious when you first arrive, as with not letting people talk about ghosts.


The Magistrate is a formally dressed older man with deep-sunken eyes and grey beard along with a dark black suit and a deep navy blue hat.


Role on Ghost Story Island

The Magistrate was deeply in love with Fiona. He tried to convince her to marry him, but she refused, because she was in love with a man named Valiant. On the day when Fiona was supposed to leave Hemlock Harbor with Valiant aboard the Unicorn (a ship), the Magistrate refused to let her leave and hired a prisoner to forge a letter to Valiant, saying it was from Fiona and telling him to leave "without me". Valiant departed with a broken heart and died when the ship crashed upon sharp rocks. Fiona was heartbroken and died years later.

In the meantime, Henry Flatbottom became the youngest Magistrate in history, and to stop people from looking into his past as well as the island's, he passed anti-ghost hunting laws. He also erected a memorial to the fallen sailors to ease his conscience. He visited Fiona's grave regularly for fifty years, placing a flower on her grave as a symbol of his grief and regret.