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Manny Heffley is the younger brother of Greg Heffley and a major character in Wimpy Wonderland Island. You have to follow and catch him before his mom comes back home.


Manny, like most toddlers, can be quite ignorant and not too aware of the trouble they're getting themselves and others into. However, he is friendly and doesn't mean any harm.


Manny Heffley wears black, winter clothing, and a scarf. He has three hairs on his head, and a crocodile-like head with two front teeth. He also wears little shoes.


Role On Wimpy Wonderland Island

In order to complete Wimpy Wonderland Island, you must chase Manny all over the island, and catch him before Greg's mom returns to their house. If you can do so, than you will be rewarded with the island medallion.