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Max McPatrick is the writer of Poptropica HQ on Mocktropica Island.



McPatrick is really smart, and means no nonsense. He is also a really hard worker. He has a mustache with brown hair, glasses and a striped shirt.


Role on Mocktropica Island

On Mocktropica Island, you have to get McPatrick back working at the HQ. He is currently working as an English professor at Ephraim University trying to teach distracted students poetry via the socratic method at the time of Mocktropica though. So, you have to fetch the bottle of soda pop at the top of Poptropica HQ to give to him as he needs it before he can return to the HQ. After giving him the soda, you then need to give him the unrevised Zomberry Island script to get him back to the HQ.