The Mech

The Mech with no attachments.

The Mech is a machine in Steamworks Island.

Role In Steamworks Island:

Most of it was built by Zack, but your Poptropican has to help finish building it. You can only use it on Steamworks Island. It is missing two parts-the Mech Crank and the Mech Steam Motor. Once you fix it you will receive a Teleporter that will teleport you to wherever the Mech is (provided you are still on Steamworks Island). You can then attach the Weed Whacker and start killing plants with it. Later, you must attach the Toxic Blaster and use it to kill the Plant Monster Brains.


The Mech appears to be an enormous pair of mechanical legs connected to a cockpit.


The Mech is said to allow you to move around more easily. Also you can attach the Weed Whacker or the Toxic Blaster to kill Plant Monsters.


You cannot climb ropes or vines while you are in the Mech. The Followers you buy at the Store will not follow you while you are in the Mech. The Mech will also prevent you from jumping as high as before.



  • The Mech may be based off of the AT-RT Walker from Star Wars.
  • You can only be transported to the Mech while on the island.

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