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Mini-islands (aka non-islands or Mini-Quests) are islands that can be obtained at the Poptropica Store.


Usually, a gold card is worth 250 credits, but most of the mini-islands don't cost 250. Some are free, some cost more than 250. Now the mini-islands are free.


Unlike the regular islands, which you can get 100 credits for completing it (Now you only receive 50 credits), mini-islands' rewards are reduced. Instead of 100, you get 50 credits. Some mini island have other rewards beside 50 credits.

Haunted House - Zombie Costume/Power

Earth Day-Don't Be An Energy Hog! - Earth Day Shirt

Dr. Hare's Secret Lab - Customizable Rabbot Costume

Legendary Swords - Rusty Relic, The Bolt, Skull Mask, Bully-Bot Costume

List of Mini-Islands

Here are a list of mini-islands according to date.


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