The front of Mordred's castle.

Mordred's Empire is Mordred's dominion to counter the Kingdom of Arturus.



This empire formed some time after Mordred escaped Arturus authority. He became a cyborg called Binary Bard and assembled an army of robot-manned spacecraft. He then decided to test his new military on Arturus in the form of an attack.

Mordred's War

Mordred then sought revenge by attacking Arturus. He lost the battle, and captured the princess as he fled. As he conspired a new campaign to attack Arturus, The Chosen One came along and defeated his robotic vehicules stationed on three planets in his empire. The Chosen One then went to attack his fortress. He unfortunately lost that battle too, resulting in the dissolution of his empire.


While it is unknown about the fate of his fortress, Mordred's reign over Jungle Planet, Fire Planet, and Ice Planet fell to Arturus.

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