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The jewels placed correctly on the sacred totem.

The Nabooti Jewels are precious jewels from the sacred totem pole of Nabooti Island. Their colors are red, blue, purple, white, orange, yellow and green. The yellow and orange jewels are already found, though. They along with the totem came from space.


Here are the locations for the jewels:

Purple: Inside a hidden cave in the Blue Nile Falls.

Red: Inside a cave at the top of the Mountains of the Moon.

Blue: Inside the Sphinx at Giza, in the mummy's tomb, the mummy is still holding onto it until you steal it.

White: Inside the Diamond Mines.

Green: In the possession of the forest spirits of the Kaya Forests.


The correct order of gems, (from up to down) is purple, green, red, white, blue, orange and yellow.


The gems are the power source for the Nabooti totem which have alien origins.



  • Each jewel has a small runic inscription in the center of it. This is used to identify the white jewel.

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