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Nate Wright, better known as Big Nate, is a major protagonist that resides on Big Nate Island. Big Nate Island is named after him.



Nate has pale skin, black spiked hair, white shoes, and a yellow and blue colored T shirt with blue pants.

He originates from the character Nate from the Big Nate comics by Lincoln Pierce. Nate is a goofy sixth-grader with a sense of humor and little regard for the rules. He hates Ms. Godfrey and is friends with Teddy and Francis.


Role on Big Nate Island

Nate is the first character you see and talk to on Big Nate Island. He tags along as you search for the lost time capsule and is also the one to give you the peanut butter crackers after winning the "Go To Jail" game at the playground. He races you to the map on the jet skis as well.


  • He is the main character in the Big Nate books, comics and graphic novels by Lincoln Pierce.
  • Big Nate is the only character to follow a Poptropican around throughout an entire island.
  • Big Nate Island is named after him, obviously.