Nikola Tesla is an inventor, an engineer, and a major rival of Thomas Edison.


Tesla is smart yet a bit egotistical and rude at times, but overall quite friendly.


Tesla has a slick, large head of hair and a well-groomed mustache. He wears a brown suit.


Role on Mystery Train Island

Tesla boarded the train and brought a transformer device with him capable of producing massive amounts of power from a small box, which would be useful for George Ferris' Ferris Wheel. When Thomas Edison's Motion Capture Device started up and the train went through a tunnel, Tesla ran down and looked through the window to see it, spilling some of his of prune juice in the process. But he could barely see, and never noticed as Mademoiselle Moreau stole the device and planted it in his trunk. A Poptropican incognito snuck in and stole the key to the trunk, putting Tesla in the custody of Pinkerton Government Services. The motion capture device proved his innocence and freed him, and it was discovered that Moreau stole his transformer. Later she was knocked off the Ferris Wheel while carrying the transformer by a bolt of lightning, and stopped. The transformer was given to George Ferris who used it to power the Ferris Wheel.



  • He is based off of the famous inventor by the same name.
  • Nikola Tesla shown on the Pop Quiz question 'Are you outgoing or shy?', indicating that he may have been shy.
  • In Nikola Tesla's cabin, a cage can be seen with a pigeon in it. This is a reference to the fact that the real Nikola Tesla had a love for pigeons and was known to nurse injured pigeons back to health. There is even evidence that he fell in love with a pigeon.

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