Octavian is an explorer and the presumed main villain of the Poptropica Mystery of the Map graphic novel series.



He has messy black hair, stubble, and alert eyes. He wears a white shirt, black tie, and black jacket. He wears blue pants and a grey belt buckle and brown belt.


Octavian is manipulative and lies easily and convincingly. He does whatever it takes to get what he wants, even if that means hurting other people.


Role in Mystery of the Map (book)

Octavian appears very early in the novel, as a pilot for the hot air balloon that Oliver, Maya, and Jorge were riding. He goes rogue early on, and flies straight into a storm, and then a portal into another dimension. Once inside, Octavian knocks off all three of the heroes, but then crashes into a tree himself. He gets out of the tree, then gets chased by dodo birds before distracting them and getting away.

The next appearance of Octavian is on the beach, where he knocks out Embed with his satchel strap. He then checks his satchel and realizes that he lost his map during the crash.

Later, after the kids set off the Vikings alarm, we cut to Octavian who is walking through a forest with a torch. He hears the horn.