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Orange-Bearded Tourist is a is a tourist on Counterfeit Island who lost his tickets to the Underground Tunnel.


The Orange-Bearded Tourist has a concentrated face as he is playing his videogame. He's enthusiastic about beating his high score and doesn't want to be bothered.


He wears a blue daisy t-shirt, dark blue pants, a light yellow and blue hat, and a camera hung around his neck. He also has a light orange beard, hence the name.


You can find the Orange-Bearded Tourist in the Web Browser Internet Café on Counterfeit Island. He will see him concentrating hard on his videogame. When you try to talk to him, he doesn't want to be disturbed.

When you give the kid who's crying a green balloon and go back inside the café, he will be standing by the TV, watching the news, and will be available to talk to. He will tell you that he lost two tickets to the Underground Tunnel Tour and says that you can have one if you find them.

Finding them in the bottom of a garbage can, you can go back to him, and try to give them back. He will let you take one of them.


  • When you get the Orange-Bearded Tourist's tickets and go to the Café, you will talk about him with a female perspective instead of a male one. This is a glitch that does not affect your gameplay.
  • Video Game Guy bought two tickets for the underground tour. However, it is heavily assumed that he is by himself. It is unknown why he would buy two tickets, because you can take the tour as much as you want with one ticket.
  • Video Game Guy is clearly addicted to gaming. It takes a breaking news article to get his attention.
  • Video Game Guy was originally not going to be in the island, as shown in the Counterfeit Island Trailer where a female poptropican is seen playing on the computer, while he is absent.

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